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Professional Engine Piston Manufacturer

A profile map of piston, several skirt graphite coating piston and a pallet of piston.

Established in 2000, Hengshui Juneng Machine Fittings Co., Ltd. have been committed to manufacturing and exporting engine piston, piston rings and related products. In the past 15 years, we have been improving technologies and developing new products. Our engine pistons are suitable for gasoline engines, diesel engines and air compressors. Our engine pistons contain all items for commonly seen engines. According to the engine series, it can be divided into European series, American series, Korean series, China series and Japanese series.

Piston surface treatment and unique piston structures improve the wear and abrasion resistance performance and extend the service life of piston and related parts.

15 years focus
Design, manufacture and export pistons
Efficient Production
Advanced equipment and skilled workers can ensure the efficient production and reduce production loss.
Several workers are manufacturing pistons and several baskets of pistons beside of them.
Best Quality
Qualified raw material and strict quality control system ensure the best quality of engine piston.
Several engine piston on the white background.
Superb Service
Enthusiastic pre-sales, professional in-sales and circumspect after-sales warrant a pleasant cooperation.
A service with a headset is smiling.
Strict Inspection
Professional testing equipment and tester can ensure the best quality and perfect package.
A inspection equipment in the workshop.

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